Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Haven't you learned anything yet?

Ask me...before I ask you...

Hey Central! I'm coming for you! VBS 2009 will be here before you know it!

We have lots of spots available mate! You know you had fun last year!

Actually, apparently I'm too nice. ;) Shelly's in charge of recruiting. So hurry up and call her quick!

Hmmm...what should you do. There are lots of spots to choose from...

You could be the Outback Guide for the Bible Study, or help in Crafts Crossing; and I know we have many talented people that can help in the Opera House! How about some guys to help on Recreation Rock or in the G'day Cafe? We always need help in Missions Harbor! And we will need a ton of Shepherds to lead these Kidaroos around the Outback!

Have an age preference? Hey, we've got kids of all ages! I'm sure we can find a group that you would like.

You know, every VBS I think of this lady I used to work with named Mabel. She used to take a week off from work every year to work VBS. I didn't know what VBS was. She said, "Baby, when God's ready for you, you'll know what it is." Well, isn't that the truth.

But you know what? If Mabel was willing to spend one of her two weeks of vacation a year on serving God...well, do I really need to say it? Tom has arranged for us to have VBS in the evening so that we will not need to do that. And if you put it on your work or home calendar now, I'm sure you can let your "boss" whoever that is know that you will be leaving a little earlier that week so that you can make it to church to serve by 5:45 pm.

After all...if you look at the bottom of this webpage you will see that you have given 132 days, 4 hours, 58 minutes and 30 no 29 no 28 no 27 no well you get the picture...that's a lot of notice!

Now, get in the game!

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