Monday, December 8, 2008

...The Butterfly Award!

I was given "The Butterfly Award" from my friend Tammy over at Adventures on Beck's Bounty. Thank you! That was so cool!

Now, I have the honor of awarding ten more blogs with "The Butterfly Award". The Butterfly Award is given from one person to another for the coolest blog. It's one of those pass it on things are my choices...

1. The Frans Clan
2. Counter Cultural Mom
3. Counter Cultural School
4. Homeschool Dawn
5. Trusting in Him
6. The Song in My Head
7. Lessons from the Barn
8. Grace for my Day
9. Sprittibee
10. Dawn Writes

Now they get to pass it on...


Dawn said...

Hey, coach! Love your blog... and thank you for the award.

By the way, wish I'd known who OCD you are about decorating Christmas trees - we could have swapped ideas a long time ago. I can't wait to tell Larry about your guidelines. He'll be happy to hear there's someone else as ummm... well... *specific* about how it's to be done.


Coach Mom said...

Maybe it's a Virginia thing! Too much time visiting Colonial Williamsburg or Mount Vernon!

Home School Dawn said...

Thanks, Coach Mom!
Your videos are so funny. Great idea.
I hope that mouse is dead! I'm a girly-girl too when it come to varmits.

Liz Lockwood said...

Right back at ya! Thanks for that!

Miss you!

Coach Mom said...


I miss you guys too! That's why blogging is so great, isn't it?