Thursday, November 13, 2008

...For my TOG friends!

One group of friends I have met online is TLT. They use the same unit study homeschool curriculum, Tapestry of Grace, that I do. In the past, I have discussed how vital I think it is to get involved in a group like this! Today, I have a special message for those friends because I am thankful for them!

First, to Lisa W. in Maine...As I pointed out earlier, I love learning about my friends who raise animals. I thought it was awesome to hear about your turkey crop last year! So this video is for you. I hope that none of your turkeys behave like this one...

Our group has an event every year called Secret Sister. The most important part of Secret Sister is that we vow to pray for each other through out the year. But another fun aspect is that we buy our Secret Sister an ornament. The guessing of who was assigned who has already begun. It has sent the email traffic through the roof on our yahoo group so in order to make things a little easier, I will be posting my hints in a column on the sidebar of my blog. If you want my hints, you will have to come here.

So far my very helpful hints have been...
1. My Secret Sister has children.

2. She uses Tapestry of Grace.

3. She has a vowel in her name.
(This elicited discussion on whether or not "y" was a vowel...yes, it can be.)

4. My first "real" hint, my SS celebrates Thanksgiving in a special way.

5. Today's SS has not mentioned by her first name so far today in any "Coach Mom Says..." posts.

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