Wednesday, November 12, 2008

...Riding Around The "Rock"

Poor Super is having a bad day. First, he had to get up early to have his braces adjusted. Then, he was subjected to riding in the car with his embarrassing mom!

One of the sadistic pleasures of getting older is that you are no longer afraid to embarrass your children. You know that you are not cool anymore. You are not fooling yourself or anyone else. But you know whose fault it is that you are not cool! So why not have some fun and give them a great lesson in humility in the process? Mean, yes. Fun? Also yes.

I have discovered a little known way of earning some extra Weight Watcher Activity Points...dancing in the car. Now before you think that I am being unsafe, it's mostly at stop lights. Mostly.

This is absolutely mortifying to Super. But Tutone long ago discovered that if you are part of the joke, the joke isn't on you. So this morning, on the way back from the orthodontist, we danced in the car. And Super laid down in the back seat of the car, hoping against all hope that we would not pass anybody that we knew. Fat chance of that once we pulled into our subdivision. Ah...good times. Good times.

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