Wednesday, November 12, 2008

...Happy Birthday, Leigh!

Today, I am thankful for my cousin Leigh, because it's her birthday! God has blessed us with a beautiful woman in Leigh! So thank you, Lord, for her life! Happy Birthday, Leigh!

Leigh is infamous in our family for her once dynamic personality. She has grown up to be a beautiful and restrained young woman. It gives me hope for Tutone, who has taken her place as the wild child! Full of energy and umm...determination, Leigh gave her mother, Lynne, quite a ride the first few years of her life!

My husband, Phil used to give me a hard time about telling stories about Leigh. But Leigh knows I tell them because of how much I love her and I love her spirit. (And it's a good thing, since now we have Tutone!) When she was in her early 20's, when she would see me, she would say, "Tell me a story about when I was bad!"

In honor of her's my favorite.

When Leigh was about 2, I was babysitting her (translation: I was talking on the phone). Leigh, who we called Leighbird, was standing at the front door looking out the window. She was also eating a bowl of Cheerios with milk. Next thing I know (because like I said, bad babysitter!), she dumped the Cheerios down the front of her diaper and ran out the front door. I guess she couldn't figure out another way to take the Cheerios with her and run away. I started chasing her down the block, but I couldn't keep up with her, mostly because I was dying laughing, because milk and Cheerios were running down her leg. Luckily, the person I was talking to on the phone lived up the block, and he ran out of his house and scooped her up! That's the last time I talked on the phone while watching her! (At least if I was smart, it would have been. ;) )

But now that Leigh is expecting her own baby, her perspective has changed a little. When I found out about Leigh's impending blessing I asked her, "Do you want me to tell you a story about when you were bad?" She said, "I know! What am I going to do?" The answer is the same thing we all do. Pray hard that you end up with a child like someone else! And when you don't, pray harder!

Here is a slide show of my gorgeous cousin Leigh. Happy Birthday Leighbird! I love you! You are going to be a great mother!

BTW, Leigh, you will notice that in the picture labeled Easter Sunday 1985, you are wearing...that's right! jellies. I told you that story was true! I sure wish I had a picture of those Cheerio legs!

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