Monday, November 17, 2008

...More on...My Inmates and Our Asylum!

The other day I told a neighbor that surviving parenting is 3/5 God's grace, 1/5 training, and 1/5 ignorance. (The ignorance is on your part, by the way!) Apparently, my children have been surviving on a little less training, a little more ignorance, and a lot more of God's grace!

This segment on chores is dedicated to Siobhan, who for some reason loves it when I talk about chores! She must be a neat freak or something!

The first part of any chore retraining effort is finding out what is not getting done properly. After school today, I decided to follow my children around as they did their chores to do just that. This is what I found. I hope you will enjoy it more than I did...

Usually, your coach isn't the person to call you for a personal foul. But since these were so flagrant, I think it was justified! In typical athlete fashion, my players complained, "Hey, how come I got called for the foul on that, he was the one who ___!" Sigh.

I said, "I look crazy in that video!" Tutone said, "Yes, you look like you usually do when we are done with you." At least he admits it!

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