Saturday, November 15, 2008

...The Inmates Have Been Running the Asylum

Several days ago, my friend Dody from Alaska pointed out how many days there were until Christmas. Very nicely, I asked her to stop it!

It's not that Coach Mom doesn't like to plan ahead. We all know that's not true. But this fall has gone by fast! And now...

There are only 40 days left until Christmas!

I know, now you are asking me very nicely to stop it. But according to the Organized Christmas website, I am way behind. As I look around my house, I realize I have been very busy. And the boys have been taking advantage. Chores have slipped.

As much as I have enjoyed converting this blog into my family's blog in addition to the "Coach Mom" advice column, as much as I have enjoyed the Giving Thanks Challenge (which will continue in the sidebar), and as much as I have enjoyed being nominated for the Homeschool Blog Awards (which is kind of like the closest feeling I will ever get to being nominated for the Heisman), it is time to get back to the roots of this blog! And it's time for my boys to get back to business. I just heard a loud scream from the other room! I think they know I'm coming for them.

So I am taking the day off tomorrow, to watch football, of course. Then next week I hope you will enjoy cleaning our house and our hearts together for Christmas!

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