Wednesday, November 12, 2008

...Happy Birthday, Leigh! Part 2

As Tutone was mulling over my blog this morning, his take was...

Tutone: "Leigh must be cracking up over that story you told about her!"
Coach Mom: "I hope so! She used to love stories about when she was bad."
Tutone: "Who doesn't? I'm making history now!"
Coach Mom: Sigh...

You've got to love that boy!

Leigh was definitely the perfect woman to be his Godmother. Which reminds me of another great Leigh story...

About two years ago, the family was walking to the pool. Leigh and Tutone were walking ahead, holding hands. Tutone looks up at Leigh, and in his bragging Tutone voice (read: trash talking) says loud enough for the rest of the family to hear, "I have the best Godmother in the whole world. I have a much better Godmother than anybody else!"

Leigh answered, "That's not very nice. It's true. But it's not very nice."

Happy Birthday, Leighbird! You and Tutone are the perfect pair!

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